Lupura is a family owned and operated company. Our beginnings trace back to our founder's own discovery and his experience with a family member suffering from Lupus. 


Our original founder Charles, has a personal love and passion for vitamins and supplements. He is known by his family as a bit of a mad scientist and has spent over 20 years researching and testing natural treatments for ailments and diseases.

Through his research, Charles discovered a unique group of supplements and herbs that had been clinically studied and shown to be highly effective in treating Lupus and Autoimmune Disease. Since Charles knew both clients and friends with Lupus, he hoped for an opportunity to try the combination of supplements with someone who was open to trying something different.

Charles' first experience was with a client whose wife had been bedridden with Lupus for nearly 3 years and was in a constant flare-up.  She was suffering from such extreme fatigue that she was unable to be out of bed for more than 15 minutes at a time and suffered from constant back pain.  She also suffered so severely from photosensitivity that she could not even be in her own kitchen due to the fluorescent lighting. Her family was left with little hope of ever seeing any improvement.  

Charles purchased each of the supplements he had researched individually and made an agreement with his client to make sure his wife took the supplements every day for at least 3 months.

When she began taking the formula, it took about 6 weeks before she began to notice that she was able to be up and around without getting tired.  She eventually found herself back in the kitchen without any problems and was even able to be outside again.  Her condition continued to improve to the point where her back pain went away as well.  As time went on her flares  completely disappeared and she began to feel like her old self again. When she went back for her routine exam, her Rheumy wanted to know what she had been doing to cause the transformation. 

Excited and ignited by the experience, Charles then began to share the supplements with other friends and his own family after a cousin was diagnosed with Lupus. The results were similar each time; after trying the supplements for a few months, their bodies began to repair, their flares ceased and eventually their Lupus symptoms were no longer present.

After seeing the extraordinary results repeated time after time, Charles begin to wonder how he could get this information out to the rest of the Lupus community. He also begin to wonder if there was an easier way to take the supplements rather than having to buy a bottle of each one separately and take them. 

Charles ended up sharing his dilemma with his son-in-law who had worked with manufacturers in the Vitamin and Supplement industry for nearly a decade. His son-in-law suggested that they manufacture the supplements together as one formula so they could be more easily taken and less expensive.


After a year of working with a team of formulators, we were able to manufacture Lupura with Vitamin Source Nutrition who ensured that Lupura met the strictest standards of quality by manufacturing the product at a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and FDA approved facility. Lupura was trademarked and officially launched into the marketplace so we could offer it to anyone suffering with Lupus or an Autoimmune condition. 

So here we were full of gusto with a great product that we knew had literally changed people's lives and we were ready to transform the Lupus Community.  So naturally we began to share with other Lupies what Lupura could do and of course we were we met with immediate warmth, trust and acceptance.  WRONG.  In our ignorance, we received an immediate wake-up call that our product was not just going to be easily and openly embraced by the community we created it for.  We were met with skepticism, distrust, and annoyance which in hindsight we now understand.

What we learned was that when you suffer with an invisible illness like Lupus, it is so important to be both heard and understood.  We would later learn that an individual who does not have Lupus cannot begin to understand what someone who has it is going through.  If you don't have Lupus yourself, how can you begin to then offer solutions and try and tell someone what is best for them.  

We realized that what was first necessary was that we needed to be instructed instead of being the instructor.  We begin to make a concentrated effort to really get to know and understand the Lupus community not just so we could sell our product (though that wouldn't hurt) but to be able to really know what we were talking about by really understanding who we were talking to.  We attended Lupus support groups and met with and got to know many of the Lupus organizations and what they did.  From the experience one of our family members was even inspired to create an event in Los Angeles called the Lupus Project which brings local Lupus Organizations together for one event to provide information and support to the Lupus Community. 

The more we got involved in the community and started understanding what people with Lupus go through, we realized this was way bigger than selling a supplement.  This was about our contributing to a community that had often been overlooked and certainly misunderstood.  Through the journey we were able to come back to our original founder Charles' mission and passion, which is to share with the world the power of nutrition to heal and transform the body.  From that realization, we were able to switch our focus from just trying to sell a product, to continuing to understand Lupus and educating the community on the things we knew and understood.   This has led to our partnering with Mission for Lupus; an organization whose seeks to empower the Lupus community through education and awareness.   We proudly donate a percentage from every bottle of Lupura to Mission for Lupus.

This shift in approach has allowed us to be transformed by the Lupus community rather than our simply trying to transform it.  As we have connected with what really matters to us and shifted from simply trying to sell Lupura, we have realized that what is most impactful and fulfilling for us is to be able to be a part of and contribute to a wonderful community that deserves to be understood. 




At Lupura, we strongly believe in the famous quote from Hippocrates;  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We believe diet and nutrition have a huge impact on a person’s health, especially with autoimmune conditions. We have both personally experienced and worked with individuals suffering with Lupus who used nutrition to heal their bodies and put their Lupus into remission. 

We also are realistic and know how challenging and expensive it can be to make a lifestyle change around diet, in addition to the time and energy that is involved. Our mission is to simplify this process as much as possible. 

Lupura offers the opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle by putting something natural and healthy in your body that allows it to begin to repair and heal itself. 

We believe doctors and rheumatologists are genuinely committed to their patients' health and wellbeing, but unfortunately the tools at their disposal are usually limited to pharmaceutical drugs because that is generally the only treatment option they have been trained in. 

Pharmaceutical drugs are, by design, intended to only treat the symptoms of diseases and usually end up creating a whole host of other side effects which can be highly destructive and sometimes deadly. We believe when disease is addressed and treated naturally, the root cause is being dealt with and the body is given the opportunity to heal itself.  And that's what we believe Lupura can do for you.